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Citizen Kane (1941) for Rent on DVD and Blu-ray

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Citizen Kane (1941) for Rent on DVD and Blu-ray, Common Sense Note
Parents need to know that Citizen Kane is a serious, grown-up film that will have little appeal for young kids. For teens (and any older kids who shows a budding interest in the art of movie-making), however, it is the must-see portrait of an early 20th century media tycoon. Made in 1941, it’s thought by some to be the best movie of all time, both for its audacious techniques and for the depth of its characterization. Several scenes show principals drinking or drunk; there is pipe, cigar, and cigarette smoking throughout. Kane’s implied adulterous affair has an impact on the plot, but there is no overt sexuality and no swearing or offensive language.
Sexual Content
The discovery of his affair ends Kane’s marriage and upends his political aspirations. No scenes of a sexual nature.
Two brief incidents: Kane slaps his wife; and in a moment of fury he wrecks everything in the room.
Not applicable
Social Behavior
No amount of money or possessions can ensure being loved or being happy. The deep hole in the heart of someone who feels unloved or unworthy can never be filled.
Not applicable
Drugs / Tobacco / Alcohol
Leading characters are drunk in two sequences. Several other scenes show characters drinking alcoholic beverages. Smoking (pipe, cigar, cigarettes) appears occasionally throughout.

Age appropriate
Not an issue
Depends on your kid and your family
Not appropriate for kids of the age most likely to want to see it

Still considered one of the greatest films ever made, Orson Welles’s complex and technically stunning film chronicles newspaper baron Charles Foster Kane’s rise from poverty to become one of America’s most influential men.,


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