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Will Javier Bardem Play Frankenstein’s Monster? The Actor Updates Us

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Will Javier Bardem Play Frankenstein’s Monster? The Actor Updates Us,
Next month, Universal will launch its Monsters cinematic universe with The Mummy, and while we’ll have to wait to see how that reboot performs in theaters, the studio has already spent significant time plotting out the mythology of this world. Frankenstein’s monster is one of the many classic creates expected to appear, and last year, it was reported that No Country for Old Men star Javier Bardem was in talks to play the hulking creature. There’s never been official confirmation on whether or not he’s taken the role, but when questioned on the subject, Bardem indicated that he was happy to participate in this franchise. In his words:

Yeah, well, there are talks. And I would love to be part of it. Because it’s an iconic… speaking of an iconic character! I have the size of the head. [Laughs] That’s for sure. They’re not going to waste a lot of money in makeup, that’s for sure.

While interviewing Javier Bardem at a junket promoting his upcoming blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (where Bardem plays the main antagonist, Armando Salazar), CinemaBlend’s own Eric Eisenberg brought up the Frankenstein casting. While Bardem clarified that the role is not quite his yet, he did make it clear that he’s very much interested in playing Mary Shelley’s creation, and even dropped some self-deprecating jokes about how they won’t have to alter his appearance too much.

There’s no word yet on when Frankenstein will debut in the Universal Monsters cinematic universe, but you can watch The Mummy officially kick off this franchise on June 9.

Nearly a year after it was reported that Javier Bardem was being eyed to play Frankenstein in the Universal Monsters cinematic universe, the actor has updated us on what’s happening with that role.



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