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Cars (2006) for Rent on DVD and Blu-ray

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Cars (2006) for Rent on DVD and Blu-ray, Common Sense Note
Parents need to know that the car characters do some pretty raucous racing, careening off walls, trees, and each other. A group of The Fast and the Furious-style vehicles briefly threaten another car. Cars argue with one another, lose their tempers, and look sad or lonely. There’s some innocent flirtation between boy and girl cars. Some mild language — at least one use of “hell.” At 116 minutes, it’s on the long side for animation and may be too much for some really little kids. But stick around for the closing credits!
Sexual Content
Chaste flirting between boy and girl cars.
Car falls off his transport truck, briefly faces “gang” of cars; rip-roaring chase through small town leaves road torn up.
Use of the word “hell.”
Social Behavior
Characters learn to appreciate one another’s differences; some race and ethnic stereotypes.
An enormous amount of merchandise associated with Cars, including toys, food products, and consumer goods. Within the movie Goodyear tires and NASCAR are featured.
Drugs / Tobacco / Alcohol
Not applicable

Age appropriate
Not an issue
Depends on your kid and your family
Not appropriate for kids of the age most likely to want to see it

In this computer-animated adventure, up-and-coming racecar Lighting McQueen gets sidetracked on a journey to get across the country for an important race and makes new friends in the tiny town of Radiator Springs.,


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