Lauren Conrad Is Here with an Instagram-Worthy Swimwear Launch

With summer teasing us from around the corner, we can’t help but to daydream about breezy, sunny days spent by the sparkling pool/beach/margarita. Naturally, we can’t help but to daydream about what we’re wearing while out by the pool/beach/margarita either. (That’s just how the brain works, right?) Well, good timing because launching today is Lauren Conrad’s new summer collection, aptly named The Beach Shop—and we’re freaking out only just like a little tiny bit.

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The Beach Shop Collection for LC Lauren Conrad boasts a range of colorful summer-ready pieces, from airy maxi dresses to layerable crop tops to candy striped swimsuits. With so many must-have pieces, it’s hard to pick a favorite—though certainly not impossible. When asked what her fave piece is, Conrad shared it was the collection of cover-ups that really got her. So much so that she admitted to stealing “all the cover-ups” from the photo shoot, justifying with a laugh, “I was really stoked about those because those are the [only pieces from the collection] I could actually fit into.” (In case you didn’t know, Conrad is mega pregnant at the moment.)

“I’m often designing for myself which is a bit selfish,” the mom-to-be laughed. “My approach is always, what am I looking for this season? What am I really excited to wear? As well as the other people in my life—like, what am I seeing? What is everybody else gravitating towards and getting excited about?” One look at the new Beach Shop collection, and it’s clear that Conrad had the consumers in mind, what with the myriad of never-tired basic silhouettes and trend-forward pieces. According to Conrad, this collection is for, “a girl who appreciates new trends. And she’s someone I really relate to.”

Courtesy of LC Lauren Conrad

The Beach Shop Collection sees Conrad’s first swimwear release. “I’ve actually asked for swim as a category for years now, because it was such a big part of my wardrobe growing up … I wanted [the swimsuits] to be mix-n-match because that’s how I usually wear my suits. I like buying a few and getting mileage out of it, especially if you’re packing for a trip. You know, you can kind of mix them up and get different looks out of them.”

Courtesy of LC Lauren Conrad

She adds, “Whether it’s here at home or if I’m on vacation, I’ve never been the person who’s just in a bathing suit. I’ve always liked to just kind of layer pieces over.” From maxis to matching sets to mix-n-match separates, the Beach Shop Collection is your must-have summer wardrobe in full.

Courtesy of LC Lauren Conrad

The stunning collection is available now in Kohl’s stores and online at kohls.com with prices ranging from $34 to $68. Gear up for summer and shop our favorite pieces below.

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