Bella Hadid’s Celebrity Doppelgängers Will Blow Your Mind

When Bella Hadid followed her older sister Gigi onto the modeling scene, a lot of us did a double take—hadn’t we seen that gorgeous face before? While Bella certainly resembles her older sister (not to mention model mom Yolanda Hadid) her famous family members aren’t the only Hollywood stars that she looks like.

The 20-year-old top model also looks freakily similar to another young lady at the top of her field: Jennifer Lawrence. It’s jaw-dropping how eerily alike these two look, especially when J.Law has darker locks.

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And Hollywood’s young’uns aren’t the only ones that Bella resembles: Just one peek back at young photos of Milla Jovovich, Linda Evangelista, and even Cher will make you convinced that Bella has not one but many famous twins.

Keep scrolling to see the side-by-sides that have us convinced that the middle Hadid has many a celebrity doppelgänger.

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