The Most Ridiculously Funny Reactions to Amazon Buying Whole Foods

Amazon announced on Friday that it will acquire upscale food market chain Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, and the Internet was quick to erupt with all the avocado and hummus-themed comedy.

The companies struck the deal at a time when sales had been declining for Whole Foods, as some shoppers were swung away from buying organic. The merger is a boost for Amazon, which has been making a play for physical retail spaces lately. As soon as news of the merger broke, the Internet got down to firing off the jokes.

VIDEO: Amazon Is Changing the Way We Shop

See below for the best of the hot takes about the business deal. Humor about Amazon’s voice-activated assistant Alexa? The Internet had that, but also fun with grocery costs, and the idea that consumers could live without ever shopping anywhere other than Amazon.

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See the most ridiculously funny reactions below.

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