15 Caribbean Destinations Made For a Romantic Getaway

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For many couples, perusing holiday brochures and scrolling through Instagram photos to find the perfect romantic getaway or honeymoon spot often brings them closer together.

And is it any wonder? Instead of sorting seating arrangements for difficult relatives or losing sleep over trivial arguments, you’re envisaging which white, secluded beach would make the best setting for your desktop screensaver and calculating how many lobster dinners you could (reasonably) ask for in a day, with an all-inclusive booking.

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Going away with a partner is very much a bonding experience and the planning should be just as stress-free as the actual vacation time. Luckily, just thinking about a possible Caribbean break for two will elicit feelings of elation and bliss, because there’s just so much to choose from.

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Whether you’re after a romantic nature break on the lush and peaceful island of Grenada, an eclectic mix of urban life and jungle activity on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, or you’re in pursuit of utterly, unfettered elegance in a luxury resort in either Turks and Caicos or the Dominican Republic — a Caribbean getaway is guaranteed to be nothing short of spectacular wherever you go. All that’s left to do then, is make that oh-so-difficult choice.

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