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Luc Besson Unveils Exclusive ‘Valerian’ Footage at CineEurope

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Four scenes from the biggest independent film of all time, due out next month, were shown in Barcelona.

With roughly a month before the official release of his biggest film to date, not to mention the biggest independent film of all time, Luc Besson used the first day of CineEurope to drum up further excitement for his space opera Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. 

Taking the stage for the first session of the trade show in Barcelona, some three years after he last attended to unveil his studio EuropaCorp’s “unexpected success” Lucy, the flamboyant French filmmaker unveiled four exclusive 3D scenes from the $200 million budget film, which he said was seven years in the making. 

“I’m very happy today – I finished the film!” he excitedly told the audience, adding that he’d discovered the comic book Valerian as a 10-year-old and had instantly fallen in love with the female lead Laureline. 

After a high-octane opening, introducing the two main characters, played by Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne, Besson joked that Valerian was “clearly a very French, intellectual film.”

Comparing the film to his last major sci-fi, The Fifth Element, Besson said that the 1997 hit contained 188 special effects shots. “This has 2,734,” he laughed, adding that some 2,300 people had worked on the film.

“It’s two hours, nine minutes long, but with the credits about three hours and 20.”

Following the exclusive footage, Besson said goodbye, concluding, “See you in space soon.”

Valerian will hit theaters domestically on July 21. 

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