Taylor Swift Made a Cameo in the Background of 13 Reasons Why

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are notoriously supportive of one another. Throughout the years, the friends have shared stages and music videos alike, so when Swift appeared in a background shot of Gomez’s new music video Bad Liar, it wasn’t that surprising.

What was surprising, though, was the secret Swift cameo that we all missed, because it turns out these two besties have even more tricks up their sleeves than we originally thought.

The Bad Liar poster appearance wasn’t the only time Swift has popped up in one of Gomez’s recent projects. As it turns out, Gomez snuck Swift’s 1989 album cover in a background shot of 13 Reasons Why, and we’re only just realizing it.



As Buzzfeed first reported, in episode 10 of 13 Reasons Why—Sheri’s Tape, for fans who have seen the series—Tyler and Sheri are standing in the Liberty High hallway. But they are not alone.

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No, right behind the pair is a poster of Swift’s own 1989 album cover work.

The placement is so subtle that it has taken this long for fans to even notice, but it’s undoubtedly there, staring us all in the face.

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We’ll chock this second surprise appearance up as yet another example of Gomez and Swift redefining BFF goals. Because who wouldn’t want to make a secret cameo in 13 Reasons Why?


Hey. Hey. [APPLAUSE] Hannah, I’m not going, not now, not ever. Why didn’t you say this to me when I was alive? [MUSIC] My husband and I We never got a note. [BLANK_AUDIO] Hey, it’s Hannah. Hannah Baker. Holy ****. [MUSIC] Settle in because I’m about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically why my life ended. And, if you’re listening to this tape, you’re one of the reasons why. [MUSIC] Is Hannah telling the truth? Don’t believe everything you hear. Whatever Hannah thought she saw, she lied about it on those tapes but she’s a crazy drama queen who just killed herself for attention. Hannah has secrets, Mrs Baker. Hannah’s secrets are what killed her. [MUSIC] Maybe I’ll never know why you did what you did. But I can make you understand how it felt. You don’t know the whole story. What else do I need to know? You’re just like the rest of the them. But I’m not. [SOUND] Because everyone is just so nice until they drive you to kill yourself. And sooner or later, the truth will me out. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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