Maria Menounos Went to the Mall Following Her Brain Surgery

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Actress and TV host Maria Menounos had brain surgery last month to remove a tumor, and she’s already been spotted out and about again.

Menounos stepped out with her fiancé Keven Undergaro on Monday in Los Angeles for a quick trip to the mall. But in a sweet Instagram video, Undergaro clarified that they weren’t just there to shop or hang out.

“So, the doctor has us on walking therapy, and the Valley is too hot, so we’ve become mall walkers,” he said.

By the looks of Menounos’s Instagram feed, they’ve become mall sleepers too. Menounos posted a picture of the two of them curled up in a bed in the middle of a mall furniture store with the hashtag #mallwalkers and an explanatory caption.

Maria Menounos / Instagram

“What’s more perfect than the mall? I get my walk in, food, bathrooms, entertainment, and when I’m tired a bed!” she wrote. “P.S. Macy’s is having sale! 40-50% off this bedding.”

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Sounds like a good deal all around to us! We wish Menounos the best with her recovery.


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