15 Early ’00s Celebrity Red Carpet Looks That Will Make You Nostalgic AF

Remember the early-aughts? It was a time for un-ironic tie-dye and unapologetic accessorizing. “More is more,” we’d tell ourselves as we crimped our Christina Aguilera hair and stacked our neon jelly bracelets, “Oops I Did It Again” softly trilling from a nearby cassette player.

Although much from that era remains retrospectively cringe-worthy, enough time has passed that we’re beginning to develop a soft spot for our desperately hip temporary tattoo-wearing selves, and the stars who inspired us. (See above: Britney and Justin dreamily pairing denim with MORE DENIM at the 2001 American Music Awards.)

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Scroll down below to see some of the most incredible red carpet looks from the turn of the 21st century (you know at least a couple of these were on your outfit inspiration board—don’t lie).

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